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The Xchange

Where founders submit deals for funding through multiple options, investors have access to tailored investment opportunities and advisors give expert guidance connecting the dots.

Artificial Intelligence

I am ‘X-Ultimate Refined Investor’ evolving humanity for founders, investors and advisors.

And I am here to help you find the founder, investor or advisor you are looking for.

I am who the world needed.
StartX Xuri.

App Features

Discover our legendary best in class features designed to elevate your business journey:

Xchange Marketplace

Trade deals seamlessly, connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors.

Founders Submit

Globalise your deals effortlessly, with a streamlined submission process.

Investors Activate

Unlock your true potential for investment with opportunities tailored to your interests.

Advisor Bookings

Access expert guidance at your convenience, with easy to book advisory sessions.

Steps To Follow

Look how easy it is to submit your dreams to make them a reality:

Empower Your Journey

Watch our platform in action and experience the transformative power of StartX in this brief video demonstration evolving the future:

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Why Us?

The marketplace to load your ideas to attract investors as a startup, scale an existing business or to facilitate a business exit with advisors around to assist you if needed before you go live.

An easy to use digital platform that is a world first in many ways with features to take you to the next level whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur with fresh ideas, a growing business or a business in need of a restructure on the exit strategy.

Investment opportunities lined up perfectly for public investors on our platform and with Xuri to match your idea with the of interest private investor, as well as blended investment deals or equity swaps to get you partnered for success.

Who is StartX for?

Everyone can "StartX A Business" which is now a verb.

We can truly say everyone because EVERYONE has the imagination to think of a business idea, the determination to bring that idea into reality and the capacity to build something world changing.

From people just starting out in an industry, to industry professionals, we believe StartX is the perfect platform to connect with, be inspired by or work with people as passionate about business as we are.

Unlock Your Path to Success


Deals go onto our platform or Xuri may review it to use her data for verified matching or contact our private funders.


Reviewed opportunities lined up perfectly for your involvement, alongside investors telling Xuri what deal flow they want.


Connect with advisors across different industries to become "Finance Ready" or talk to Xuri or become a global advisor.

Join our global community to get a better idea of how we manage

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How We Go Even Further

Loyalty Program

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Initially built to make life easier for everyone who is a part of our world.

But it soon grew way past that to become a way for us all to stay connected where the more you invest in founders and advisors, the more we give you back to spend as you wish.

Now that’s how you make sure we all win.
StartX Loyalty Program.

Innovation Centre

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The future needs unique innovation origination solutions like never before, and we are on it with another world first.

Imagine walking into a room and talking to Xuri, telling her your ideas and making them a reality.

Making tomorrow better together.
StartX Innovation Centre.

Dashboards System

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On your device interface systems which give you access to founders, investors and advisors.

Whether you are looking for deal flow, investors for your funding discussions or advisors to work with before others, our dashboards will take you to the next level.

Getting you ahead of the game.
StartX Dashboards System.

How We Give Back

SO What are you waiting for?

Get Started with StartX

Available on the App Stores to "StartX A Business" Today

StartX Black

You can now request to be part of the private network of royalty, as one of the global best of our time for our services as a one of a kind.
Nothing comes close to being part of our limited network of global legends.
Designed meticulously for The World Elite.
StartX Black.
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