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How does StartX work?

StartX is here to assist businesses who are starting, scaling or exiting with professional business and legal advisors, who can be booked on an appointment basis as to your selected time in a video call to take you to the next level.

More efficient and cost effective than ever before in the industry.

Just use our home page with or without a package to book services with the advisor that you want for when you want on the calendar.

We also assist with turning your dreams into a reality by making you “Finance Ready” with your ideas and getting you in front of the perfect for you investor saving you time and money, also them so that the process moves quicker than with anyone else.

Just load your idea on our finance page and let’s get working on it to make it happen.

Investment opportunities lined up perfectly with our existing investors or through one of our global partners, blended investment deals or equity swaps to get you partnered for success in our
investment marketplace.

Does StartX cost anything?

Loading your ideas is free and so is downloading the app to turn your dreams into a reality, you are only charged when booking an appointment with an advisor for their service or purchasing a package.

How do I submit my idea?

Through the app and then you will be contacted for the next step.

What happens when I submit my idea?

First and foremost CONFIDENTIALITY.

Then after we get our advisors to asses the idea, if found to be worthy it is then structured to be “Finance Ready” and sent to the perfect investor for it, who would be interested in it through our system saving you and investors time, so that the turn around is like never before in the industry.

Otherwise you will be contacted to list your idea in our investment marketplace or required to book an appointment with an advisor to spend some time on it.

We also as a final call offer to send you for review to a global partner that may be more aligned for you.

How do advisory appointments work?

You select the appointment of your choice with the advisor of your choice, then select a time on the calendar that suits you both and have your appointment online in a Video Call, this service is charged for.

We implore you to save by purchasing one of our unique packages.

What happens if an advisor does not show up?

You will be refunded in full, where the advisor will not be paid for the missed appointment and if that advisor misses two appointments, they will be removed from the system for quality reasons.

I am an advisor, how do I get on the app?

You may become a StartX advisor directly through the app on the login page by tapping on the register button and then fill out your details under ‘Register As Advisor’.

What are the fees for advisors?

Around $ 100 to $ 250 an hour but fees may differ for different services, once an advisory appointment has been booked with you, you will conduct the appointment via Video Call and payment for the appointment is made to you in the payment cycle for the month at the beginning of the following month.

Around 25% remains with StartX for our services, and all Video Calls are monitored for quality and non-circumvention purposes.

How do advisors get paid?

Once a month through a bank transfer.

I have a technical problem with the app, what do I do?

Contact us on support@thestartx.com to get you back on track.

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