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Downloading the app is free in the app stores, you are only charged when booking an appointment with an advisor for their service or purchasing a package.

Submitting ideas, activating as an investor and networking is also free.

Through the app by taping on the rocket button and then you will be contacted for the next steps.

First and foremost CONFIDENTIALITY.

Where if you meet the requirements, your idea will go live into our marketplace and if not you will be required to book an appointment with an advisor to become “Finance Ready”.

Xuri will also asses the idea to match it with the perfect investor and/or advisor for it, so that the turn around time is like never before in the industry.

You select the appointment of your choice with the advisor of your choice, then select a time on their calendar that suits you both and have your appointment online in a Video Call, this service is charged for.

We implore you to save by purchasing one of our unique packages.

You may become a StartX advisor directly through the app on the login page by tapping on the Sign Up button and then fill out your details to register.

Make sure that once you are in the app, you fill out all of your details and times in your profile area to reflect as an advisor or you will just get to use our app as a user.

Strive to become a successful Superstar Advisor and also share your profile to attract more bookings for more income with Gold and Blue Ticks.

Hourly rates are shown in the service you select and once an advisory appointment has been booked with an advisor, you will conduct the appointment via Video Call and payment for the appointment is made to the advisor in the payment cycle for the month at the beginning of the following month to maintain quality standards.

Around 25% remains with StartX for our services, and all Video Calls are monitored for quality and non-circumvention purposes if requested by anyone to look into the meeting.

Once a month through a transfer.

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In our app working alongside Xuri to get you to where you want to be:

1. User Guide

The following guide will show you how to register, use the app and book advisors:

1.1 How to register

1.1.1 Download the app from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery

1.1.2 Open the app and click on “Sign Up”

* If you already have an account, log in with your email and password, no need to “Sign Up” again

1.1.3 If not then fill out the form, make sure your email is correct and your password is strong, then click on “Register”

1.1.4 An email will be sent to your email address and you need to verify it (check your spam folders also)

1.1.5 Once you have verified your email, go back to the home screen and login

1.2 How to book an advisor

1.2.1 Login to the app

1.2.2 In the advisors area in the menu button, choose one of the categories that you are looking for to get advise on such as “Idea Guidance” etc

1.2.3 Once you have chosen the category, you will get an overview of the advisors available who have available bookable times, now click on the advisor of your choice

* You may search for advisors PER COUNTRY with the search filter

1.2.4 After you click on the advisor, you can read their info and what relevant experiences/skills they have, then once you find the right advisor, click on book to proceed with the booking

1.2.5 A calendar will show up, showing available bookings (in green) and now choose an available date of your choice and click “Next”

1.2.6 Fill out your details and either pay directly (“Pay With Card”) or use hours from your package (“Use Your Package”) if you have one which can be purchased saving money in your user profile area and if you wish to get a coupon, please contact us to see if you qualify to get a coupon to use

1.2.7 You will now receive a notification on your notification tab and once YOU AS THE BOOKER have created the meeting link, you will be notified via email with the relevant information and your notifications will have the meeting link

1.2.8 The meeting link will be displayed on your email and on the app in your notification area to jump into the meeting

1.2.9 You may use a coupon code also if you have one for your discount


1.3 How to submit an idea

1.3.1 Login to the app

1.3.2 On the menu click on the “rocket” icon to open the idea submission page

1.3.3 Once you have opened the page click on “Start”

1.3.4 Fill out all the fields on the form

1.3.5 Once you are done, accept the “Terms of Service” and click on “Submit”

1.3.6 Someone from support will be in touch with you then as to if you will be selected for an investor or go to the marketplace

1.3.7 Alternatively, you can also email us your ideas that will be pushed to our Top Advisors to look over and decide on the way forward

* We do not advise this as you will not have access to our AI, Xuri if you email us and not submit on the app, with a longer turn around time

1.4 How to get onto the marketplace

1.4.1 Follow the instructions on point 1.3

1.4.2 One of our support team will be in contact with you if your idea does not go live by meeting the requirements

1.4.3 You will be assessed to be released into the marketplace and every couple months to stay

1.5 How to show interest in an idea in the marketplace and what happens after

1.5.1 Open the app and login

1.5.2 Once in the marketplace

1.5.3 Browse the different ideas that are on the marketplace and choose one of your liking to find out more

1.5.4 On the specific idea you can read more about it, download the pitch deck and if you are interested, then click on “Invest” with your interested amount in currency or crypto option

* This will not take money from you from anywhere, you are merely showing interest to discuss further your interest in the idea

1.5.4 Someone from our support team will be in contact with you then

1.6 How to buy a package

1.6.1 Open the app and login

1.6.2 Click on the profile icon the and once in your profile menu, you will see packages at the top next to your logout button

1.6.3 Choose the package of your choice and click on “save”

1.6.4 Enter your payment details and confirm payment

1.6.5 On your profile you can manage your package and see how many hours you have left at the top below where you purchase packages

1.7 How to network

1.7.1 Open the app and login

1.7.2 Click on the notifications icon and you will see networking

1.7.3 You can like any post

1.7.4 You can also post yourself about what you want and upload a picture or video

* If you are offensive in any manner or form what so ever, you will be removed without any notice

1.8 How to stay in the loop on notifications

1.8.1 Open the app and login

1.8.2 Go to your profile then

1.8.3 Tap on notification icon and you will be in the notifications area

1.8.4 You may browse your appointments notifications here to make sure you do not miss any

1.9 How to activate as an investor

1.9.1 Open the app and login

1.9.2 Click on the money icon

1.9.3 Read our solution for investors and click start

1.9.4 Fill out all of the required information and we will be in contact with you shortly

2. Advisor Guide

The following guide will show you how to register, use the app, setup your profile, your time availability calendar and get bookings:

2.1 How to register

2.1.1 Download the app from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery

2.1.2 Open the app and and click on “Sign Up”

2.1.3 Fill out the form and make sure your email is correct and your password is strong, then click on “Register”

2.1.4 An email will be sent to your email address and you need to verify it

2.1.5 Once you have verified your email, go back to the home screen and login

2.2 How to setup your profile

2.2.1 Open the app and login

2.2.2 Once logged in click on the profile icon to get to your profile area

2.2.3 You can now update your picture, info, name, email, experience, qualifications and other details

* YOU MUST HAVE AVAILABLE HOURS OR YOU WILL NOT SHOW ON THE APP and the more you fill out, the more attractive your profile gets for potential clients


2.2.5 Click on save once you are done updating your details

2.3 How to setup your time availability calendar for bookings

2.3.1 Click on the profile icon and once in your profile menu

2.3.2 On your profile scroll down and click on “Availability Management”

2.3.3 A calendar will open and click on “Add available days”

2.3.4 Select the days you are available for advisory (you can select multiple days at once) and then add the hours you want to avail yourself

2.3.5 If you are done adding days and hours, click on “save”

2.3.6 On the calendar overview, the days highlighted in green are your available days and if you want to delete some of them, click “delete days & hours”

2.4 How do bookings work

2.4.1 Once someone books you, you will receive a push notification and email

2.4.2 On the app click on the notifications icon in your profile area

2.4.3 You will see the latest booking request you have received

2.4.4 The booker will add the Google Meeting Link and add it into the block for the advisor to use

2.4.5 Once the meeting link is created, the link will be displayed in notifications for the meeting

2.4.6 Click on it to get more information

2.5 How to share your profile to make more money

2.5.1 Open the app and login

2.5.2 On the app click on your profile image

2.5.3 In a big and green button, click “Share Profile”

2.5.4 A popup will open and you can share it to the channel of your choice, to get you more exposure to get more appointments so you can start swimming in money

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